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10 agosto 2017 4 10 /08 /agosto /2017 09:01
The Boy Next Door, Fresh Coast feat. Jody Bernal - 'La Colegiala'

A true festival favorite, The Boy Next Door has an undefeated track record in making girls dance. Proven all over the globe from Amsterdam to Madrid and Italy to Poland, his flawless selection of hypnotizing beats and sexy ass-shaking bangers has made this Dutchman one of the most upcoming names in the latin styled dance music, renowned for energetic performance, online mixtapes and popular merchandise line.


After making name for himself on stage, he now teams up for his debut single 'La Colegiala' with fellow Dutch artist Fresh Coast. This guy is a real phenomenon behind the decks as well, mixing up trap, moombahton, twerk and classics without a problem. Using his love for the Dutch club sounds and the American festival sound, it inspired him to create his unique combination of productions and mashups. Whether it’s his banging productions or his energetic eclectic sets, Fresh Coast is ready to blow you away.


For 'La Colegiala', both artists worked with the unique talent of Dutch-Colombian singer/DJ/producer Jody Bernal. He's one of Holland's most well known names, scoring an enormous number one hit with the remake of the Argentinian summer song ‘Que Si, Que No’ when he was only 18-years old. Since its release in 2000 until early this year, this song was the longest nominated number one hit in the Dutch music history, 15 weeks to be exact!


Several hits followed, songs as ‘Oh Bambolero’, ‘Un Beso Mas’, ‘Me and You’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘Chica Bonita’, from which he has received numerous awards and golden record statuses. Recently, Jody Bernal also ventured into a successful career as DJ/producer, producing his own dance records, performing at the biggest festivals in Holland, moving away from his 'child pop star' status into a broad, accomplished music artist.


'La Colegiala'

New single 'La Colegiala' definitely works up the excitement. The track was already picked up by several radio stations across the globe, from the US (where Pitbull supported the track on his Globalization show at SiriusXM) to Latin-America, Spain, Italy, Sweden and more.


The record breathes a sweet blend of latin, moombahton and lots of dirty vibes, making it the ideal tune to become one of this summer's hits. Experience it yourself, as it's officially out now on Spinnin' Records.


Artist quotes

"This song started out as sampled version of the original 'La Colegiala'. I put together the initial idea and sent it to Arthur (Fresh Coast).  After a lot of work a complete new version was made and new vocals by Jody Bernal were added. Now it no longer is a sampled track, now it's a completely new song, a original The Boy Next Door track with latin influences and a new sound in the music scene. You could say it's booty-shaking salsa!" - The Boy Next Door


"When I received the first demo from Lex (The Boy Next Door), I immediately felt like this was a big tune for both of us. While staying true to the sexy salsa vibe that Lex provided, the combination with my heavier beats seems to have some real effect on the dancefloors already! I am superstoked to finally share this project with you guys, I hope you enjoy it! Peace!" - Fresh Coast


"I know this track from my childhood. It brings back some amazing memories. The Boy Next Door and Fresh Coast sent me this track and told me that they were looking for a Spanish vocalist. When I saw the name of the song 'La Colegiala', I immediately got goosebumps all over, without even hearing the song! This was because of those great childhood memories. When I heard the first eight seconds, I was blown away! So, hopefully we will give you some amazing memories with our new version of 'La Colegiala'!" - Jody Bernal


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