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13 marzo 2017 1 13 /03 /marzo /2017 17:59
MIAMI 2017 SP204
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Published by dancinginmyhouse - en Stereo Productions
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23 agosto 2016 2 23 /08 /agosto /2016 08:39
Manuel de la Mare, Fabricio Pecanha - Together - Original Mix
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Published by dancinginmyhouse - en Stereo Productions
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21 agosto 2016 7 21 /08 /agosto /2016 09:35
Ruben Mandolini Ft. Laura - Sole SP191
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Published by dancinginmyhouse - en Stereo Productions
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3 abril 2016 7 03 /04 /abril /2016 10:15
Montel – The Future EP (2016, Stereo Productions)

Las pistas de baile de medio mundo deben prepararse para The Future, que no es el futuro per se, sino el título de un EP que puede suponer una nueva bomba para los dancefloors y que tiene preparada el label Stereo Productions, el sello propiedad de los célebres Chus & Ceballos.

El británico Montel es el autor de los dos temas que componen el maxi; comenzando con Sound Of The Future, una pieza de tech house con toques tribales, esencia lisérgica y electroide y un letal groove listo para su triunfo en la pista.

No queda atrás el genial Bassline, segundo de los temas del maxi, que se decide por tributar al sonido old school con un acid house que nos hace pensar en los simpáticos y raveros sonidos de finales de los 80 y principios de los 90.

Como decíamos al principio, un maxi que promete convertirse en todo un éxito en las mejores pistas de baile


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Published by dancinginmyhouse - en Stereo Productions
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12 noviembre 2015 4 12 /11 /noviembre /2015 15:14
SP156 Tony Dee - Burn EP


Via:Stereo productions

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Published by dancinginmyhouse - en Stereo Productions
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8 octubre 2014 3 08 /10 /octubre /2014 17:36


Our new release is coming out today by the hand of a true masters & legends! Delivering two tech house bombs! The banger 'My Money' and the Tribal taste 'El Agua'.

Escuchalo aqui: https://soundcloud.com/stereoproductions/sets/sp127-harry-romero-joeski-los-colombianos

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Published by dancinginmyhouse - en Stereo Productions
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31 octubre 2013 4 31 /10 /octubre /2013 22:12

Rafa Barrios - Calypso EP

First solo release for the spanish rising talent Rafa Barrios after his previous tracks, collaborations and remixes in Stereo Productions. Rafa is shaking the scene with stunning productions in the top labels and he’s getting a huge feedback and support from the Techno Stars.

This EP called Calypso is formed with 5 new originals from Rafa with his exceptional production and dancefloor philosophy. Massive techno / tech-house tracks, killer grooves, hypnoticing rhythms, poisonous bass, phat beats!


Buy this release at



1. Philadelphia (Original Mix) 
2. Desierto (Original Mix) 
3. Monkset (Original Mix) 
4. Dixie Up (Original Mix) 
5. Calypso (Original Mix) 




Chus+Ceballos: Rafa is without doubt one of the outstanding producers of the moment! full support on this amazing techno ep! 
Joseph Capriati: very nice. will try it asap. thanks! 
Mladen Tomic: Philadelphia for me, thanks!
Arjun Vagale: great ep from Rafa
Hollen: Really Nice EP
Balthazar: downloading, thanks!
Oscar Aguilera: Philadelphia, Monkset for me. Thanks.
Wehbba: great tools!
Wade: Thanks ;)
wesley S: HOT HOT HOT!!! 
Steve Mulder: Full support for my brother Rafa on all tracks!!!
Sergio Fernandez: Amazing EP!! Full support!! Thanks!! :))
Julio Navas: Downloading Thanks. 
Patrick M: dope!
Oscar L: nice pack! full support
Miguel Bastida: big eo Barrios! thx for the support
Fabian Argomedo: NICE EP!! THX
DJ Koutarou.A: NIce Music! Thanks!
De La Swing: Rafa Barrios is on fire , Congrats for Stereo E.p . full support
Ivan Pica: I will play all :-) support
Filthy Rich: Heavy groovy techno    


Via:Stereo productions


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Published by dancinginmyhouse - en Stereo Productions
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29 octubre 2013 2 29 /10 /octubre /2013 18:50



V/A - Take Off

Remix Pack of Elios Riso’s – Take Off released in Iberican Encodings with the outstanding works from 7 talents around the world starting with the spanish rising star Rafa Barrios and his groovin’ techno cut, the Italian techno talent Dema delivering a bumping track, the serious work from the Portuguese Cyberx and the Chilean Fabian Argomedo gives the darkest version of the track.

From a Techky side Pacho & Pepo from Bulgaria presents their wicked work and Dope track from the Argentinian Tomy Wahl and to end this strong release the eclectic version of the young Romanian producer Horatio.

The Original Mix was released on Stereo Productions in Miami Vibes compilation and it’s included here as Bonus track with the album purchase.




1. Take Off (Rafa Barrios Remix) 
2. Take Off (Dema Remix) 
3. Take Off (Cyberx Minar Remix) 
4. Take Off (Fabian Argomedo Remix) 
5. Take Off (Pacho & Pepo BG Remix) 
6. Take Off (Tomy Wahl Remix) 
7. Take Off (Horatio Remix) 
8. Take Off (Original Mix) 

Buy this release at



Via:stereo productions


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Published by dancinginmyhouse - en Stereo Productions
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17 octubre 2013 4 17 /10 /octubre /2013 20:50



Iberican Tech Sounds VOL.1

What’s inside? You can find a total of 238 Samples in both formats ( Wav 24bit / 44.1 kHz ) 125 BPM and Apple Loops (AIFF 24bit / 44.1 Khz). Libraries are classified in the following categories:

- 50 LowEnd Loops, processed, from deep Sub-Bass to Electronic Basses to fill up the lower spectrum of your productions with the unique Iberican Groove.
- 67 Glitched Vocals Loops, to add a Vocal groove which add rhythm to any production.
- 53 Grooving Loops, from electronic underground rhythms to organic percussion rhythms always present in Stereo Productions releases.
- 52 Tops Loops, to add swing and movement to the upper part of the spectrum in your mix, and finally 11 Fx (WAV only) that will help you in the transitions and breakdowns to give you the right atmosphere.
- This Sample Pack covers a wide range of musical styles, you can create from Deep to stunning Tech House tracks with the brand quality that characterizes the sound of Stereo Productions.
- 239 Samples Wav 24bits / 44.1 Khz) 125 BPM Apple Loop ( Aiff 24bits / 44.1 Khz)


Via:Stereo productions

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Published by dancinginmyhouse - en Stereo Productions
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2 octubre 2013 3 02 /10 /octubre /2013 21:37



Buy this release at



V/A - ADE Sampler

ADE is one of the biggest international club festivals in the world and Stereo Productions releases it’s next EP right on time! Entitled the ADE Sampler, it’s action packed with 10 brand new bombs ready to be played LOUD!

Chus and Ceballos team up with Rafa Barrios to bring you a new tech/techno banger called Check Tech. This track combines high energy with a drum filled, Iberican flavoured vibe!

Patrick M delivers a stomper of a track with Nuvo. A driving track with a techno feel and a rumbling bass line. Subtle percs and hats help guide you on this ride!

David Herrero delivers a warm and earthy track with a minimal feel. Dark, driving vibe with all the right elements that have you felling like you are in a musical jungle!

Oscar L provides a darker techno monster with Blacknoize. A pounding, underground track that will turn up the heat at ADE.

Topping off the package are more terrific tracks by Steve Mulder, Brian Cid, Vazquez, Angel Lopez and Victor D, Eric Seno and Di Paul!

A must have EP for any DJ collection and as well to be played at the ADE Festival!




1. Kaleidoscope (Original Mix) 
2. Check Tech (Original Mix) 
3. Salmon (Original Mix) 
4. Land Rhythms (Original Mix) 
5. Blacknoize (Original Mix) 
6. Nuvo (Original Mix) 
7. Experience (Eric Sneo Remix) 
8. Ordered Fuss (Original Mix) 
9. Tamtor (Original Mix) 
10. Dosis X (Original Mix) 




Sam Paganini: Strong VA! "Check Tech" and "Salmon" are my fav, thanks
Bushwacka: chunky vibes
Wehbba: lots of goodies, Check tech is cool
Chus+Ceballos: Great package of dancefloor killers! thanks for the support
Rafa Barrios: NICE V/A!! FULL SUPPORT !!
Luigi Rocca: very nice pack thanks for sending
Sergio Fernandez: Awesome!! Thanks for the support!!
DJ Boris: Great Pack with some bangers!
Ant Brooks: Great tracks will support a few from the pack
Joseph Capriati: support! thanks.
Paco Osuna: cool tracks on the compilation
Lutzenkirchen: For me Salmon and Dosis X are outstanding in this package. Thanks.
Filterheadz: Top Collection!
Dosem: Great compilation
Patrick M: good tracks in here
Arjun Vagale: tons of bombs in here.
Anthony Attalla: Awesome release!
UMEK: downloading.thanks!
Roger Sanchez: i love the tribal tech sounds that Stereo consistently releases!
Oscar L: full support on that! amazing pack!
David Herrero: GREAT WORK, THANX :)
Hollen: Great Pack - thanks!
Wade: David Herrero for me, thanks!
Heartik: wow bombs over bombs!! Kaleidoscope and Check Tech are nice :)
Sinisa Tamamovic: Some great tunes here. Will play some of these. Support.
Mark Knight: HOT SELECTION!!
D-Nox: too many good tracks in here. will need time to find the ones I will play!
Mario Ochoa: Oscarl L track is my favorite here thx
Roy RosenfelD: good packacge! thx
Russell Deeks: Good to see Stereo still going strong!
Cocodrills: Patrick M 'Nuvo' will be used on our live set, thank you for the promos.
Gabriel Rocha aka DJ PP: thanks great pack full support
Miss Nine: cool pack !!!! ADE is ready for it ;)
Hector Romero: Some rocking peak time groovers on the Sampler - Really feeling this! -Best of luck with it
Max Noize: Cool various...some nice ones in here !! thanks.
Paolo Mojo: solid set of grooves. thanks.
Pierre Deutschmann: nice collection
Tim Baker: full support
John 00 Fleming: Wow great compilation!
Raul Mezcolanza: Nice compilation ;-) Thanks
Mike Vale: nice one
Hardsoul: always supporting stereo! roog/hardsoul
Lissat & Voltaxx: will check , Chus so far my fav!
Larry Tee: love this!         

Via:Stereo productions

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Published by dancinginmyhouse - en Stereo Productions
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